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The Story
The Performance
The Dress

The Story

TOCA is an exercise of emotional data visualization where shared women's memories are expressed through a touch-sensitive garment worn by a performance artist. As a method of telling stories of being a woman, through the body’s perspective - the female corporeal experience in our society - a collection of personal stories of sexual harassment serves as “data” remixed.

Toca comes from the verb tocar in Portuguese, which means both to touch, and to play a musical instrument. It features the city because it aims to collect stories from each city that it touches. The project is a quest to make these snippets of traumatic experiences visible, and at the same time resignify it into a creation where the woman's body has reclaimed its autonomy over the events.

The Dress

A garment that gives voice to the invisible layer of trauma that lingers on the body.

Small hidden buttons were sewn into key parts of the dress. Each time the artist presses one, it releases a sound, beat, or testimonial, transforming a dress into an instrument for improvisational music.

Push the buttons on the dress to play a sound. Don't forget to turn up your volume.

Monique Grimord

design and concept

Vitor Freire

video and experience design

Jackeline Stefanski

performance and choreography

Julia Teles

sound design


light design

Tiago Lima


João Maia

second camera

Special thanks to Caleb Luporini, Mica Toméo, and Espaço Contraponto.