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Imagination of Things is a design fiction studio

Imagination of Things is a creative studio that uses design, fiction, and technology to craft meaningful stories.

We create content and experiences – digital, physical, and beyond – to spark cultural impact. Storytellers, inventors, and magicians.

We collaborate with companies, startups, government, and cultural institutions, using fiction as a toolset to spark innovative outcomes - prototypes that bring more imagination to our reality.

Portfolio upon request.

We’ve disrupted the EU parliament official tour with an AR experience, turned our smart phone into a robot interface for the car, insured sun on your holiday, made people dance in public spaces, and set off an empathy bomb in a city square.

This website is an experiment that takes the most viewed news (Google News API) and articulates it as a “what if” speculation using a simple algorithm which combines it with ideas and concepts that inspire our practice. Font by Velvetyne.